Practice Areas

Nowadays, the Law Firm must understand the most relevant aspects of law and consultancy as well as the most delicate aspects of the client’s life. To this end, Mainini & Associati was conceived as an organized structure divided into areas of specialization.


Mainini & Associati has been engaged in litigation since the foundation of the Firm. We offer service in litigation in all the national jurisdiction, in all the specialized sections (corporate, sports, tax, labor) and in every grade (Court, Corte di Appello, Cassazione).

The Firm also promotes alternative forms of dispute resolution.


Taking part of litigation in Court allows Mainini & Associati to study directly the pathology of an act or the compensation for the damage requested in Court. This experience is very important to draw up opinions, contracts, minutes of meetings, etc. drafted to avoid potential future disputes.

Succession and protection of assets

Mainini & Associati provides assistance regarding asset and real estate management. Patti di famiglia, trusts, restricted funds, segregate assets are just some of the useful tools for a correct and safe management asset.

Family law

Mainini & Associati provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance in matters of family and juvenile law. The Firm assists the Client in handling the divorce, in the best possible care for children and, also, in the management of the assets.

The Corporate Team assists industrial customers by supporting them from day-one to all company’s life. We provide legal, tax and management advice to the Client for the daily routine or the extraordinary needed.

Mainini & Associati sets up informative reports and organizes Gantt for monthly meetings at the Client’s headquarters or at its own offices in order to keep the Client updated.

Mainini & Associati also deals successfully with all corporate litigation.

Mainini & Associati can provide professionals registered in the Register of Auditors authorized to be auditor in the boards of auditors.

Merger and Acquisitions

Mainini & Associati has been involved in many deals. From day-one, Mainini & Associati and its network can start a new M&A operation easily. Mainini & Associati can provide advisory activity and subsequently structuring and assistance in the operation with legal, tax, accounting, labor, financial support and even, if required, after closing date, providing professionals of the Firm in the Board of Directors or in the Board of Auditors.

Mainini & Associati has assisted companies and financial advisors in private equity and capital market transactions. The Firm can also assist the Client in listing operations and stock market operations (public offers for sale, purchase and exchange).

The Firm provides legal, financial and tax support in debt instruments, including equity-linked, convertible bonds, stock options, minibonds, green bonds and alternative finance.

Over the years Mainini & Associati has gained specific experience in crisis or insolvency supporting companies, creditors, financing banks and potential investors or buyers, as well as directors and shareholders in the management of the business crisis.

The Firm is able to propose its activities modeled on the institutions provided for by the bankruptcy law (including “liquidazione coatta amministrativa” and “amministrazione straordinaria delle grandi imprese in crisi”).

Our lawyers, our accountants and labor consultants assist side by side the Client, day by day.

The Firm collaborates assiduously and receives assignments from the Ministry of Economic Development and the Courts of Milan and Monza.

Mainini & Associati helps start-ups in the seed, early stage, growth and exit stage. Accounting, labour hiring, shareholders’ agreements, finance through private equity, business angels and crowdfunding are some of the supports the Firm can provide. In Mainini & Associati there are professionals experts in both legal and business management and think tanks.

Mainini & Associati supports companies in complex strategic activities such as:

  • Business plan elaboration in order to manage business ideas, helping the Client to achieve the objectives of the business and to communicate with potential lenders or investors
  • Startup consulting;
  • Development of financial or industrial plans for internal corporate uses;
  • Support to company’s management for the achievement of objectives through management control and the implementation of the “Control Dashboard”, based on the logic of the Balanced Scorecard, a strategic tool for company management developed by Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Norton in 1992. The “control dashboard” is a revolution in corporate control systems because it allows the monitoring and evaluation not only of the company’s financial area but of all strategic areas of the company;

Our skills are an effective support for companies wishing to take advantage of innovative models of planning, management and control, allowing a solid competitive improvement.

Mainini & Associati has developed over the years a reputable labour team. Labour contract, union negotiation, labour for M&A operation, collective employment, dismissal, payroll, social security and redundancy funds, layoff.

We also have hands-on experience as litigators, having been involved in complex and challenging Court cases.

Mainini & Associati assists Clients in resolution of specific tax problems, in tax litigation and in international taxation. Out-of-court assistance consists of tax planning and continuous advice for companies, individuals and trusts.

Mainini & Associati provides administrative, accounting, corporate and tax consultancy to companies. The professionals work beside the Client during ordinary management and in dealing with tax obligations, also providing assistance in the formation of budgets.

The accounting is carried out both at the Client’s offices or internally at the Firm. Advice and updating on accounting and tax matters is also guaranteed by the Firm’s periodic newsletters which illustrate the latest news from the corporate world.

Mainini & Associati supports companies in the management of assets and in requests for loans and finance. The Firm deals with the legal protection of both credit institutions and companies in the event of disputes related to revocation actions and / or compensation.

“High-tech tailoring”

Use of high-tech tools: immediate and effective evasion of substantial volumes of cases.

Tailoring work: cases monitored by professionals who view every single position studying ad hoc solutions.

Mainini & Associati owns a native software, with a high degree of customization, able to interface with the Customer’s CED so that the Client can read in live time the processing status of each individual cases. The system adopted allows the immediate and fully automatic acquisition of the personal data of the Client’s debtors and the relative detailed debt exposure.

Thanks to the efficient combination of technology and human activity, for years important companies have relied on the Firm to recover their credit positions.

Department with a focus on corporate criminal law, tax, bankruptcy, corporate crimes and liability of companies.

The firm assists companies and management both in the litigation field and by offering personalized preventive advice.

Legislative Decree 231/01 provides that the company and the entities can be held responsible in relation to certain crimes committed or attempted in the interest or for the benefit of the companies by the directors and employees. The Firm also deals with Administrative Responsibility, drafting, preparing, implementing the Organization, Management and Control Models provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2001.